Introducing Pride & Joy…a new baby gift for twins!

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Pride & Joy Personalized Changing Pads for Twins

According to the National Center for Health Statistics  the number of twins being born has skyrocketed, more than doubling since 1980.  Greater than 3% of all births today are producing twins. Fertility drugs and older women having babies are the primary reasons for this increase.

With significantly more twin births there’s a need for more unique baby gifts for twins. Our newest gift is called Pride & Joy Twins Baby Gift. We call it that partly because pride and joy is how parents often refer to their two new babies, and partly because it plays off the lion character design of this gift. Lions as you know live in prides.

Pride & Joy Gift for Twins consists of two adorable lion character changing pads, each embroidered with the first name and first initial of one of the twins. These highly practical changing pads are 100% made in the USA by Silly Phillie® from domestic fabrics. The changing pads can be ordered in any combination of blue & pink depending on the gender of the babies.

I personally love this baby gift and think anyone would be “prideful”  to make it their gift for twins!

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We’re having a baby!

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Kristina's sonogram at 5 months

Several months ago my husband and I received the best gift ever …after our two beautiful sons of course.  It was this little box with a ribbon on top.   Jonathan & Kristina said that it was just a little something. Well, that  “JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING”  turned out to be a sonogram photo showing the beginnings of our first grandchild!!

Kristina looking good!

Here’s a photo of Kristina at five months.  She’s doing great, looking fabulous, and getting bigger. We don’t know what we’re having yet because we all love surprises. More exciting news to come….

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)