A Silly Phillie® baby gift welcomes Mario Lopez’s new baby

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Courtney & Mario Lopez were blessed this week with their second child, a beautiful baby boy named Dominic. So what did a dear friend choose to give the Lopez’s to celebrate the arrival of their son? A super deluxe, custom made Silly Phillie® Welcome Wagon™ of course!

Silly Phillie® Personalized Baby Gift for Dominic Lopez

My staff and I always get excited when we receive a request to make a gift for a celebrity baby.  After all, we’re fans too, and making a gift for a high profile couple really gets our creative juices flowing.  I believe the reason why we are asked to create so many baby gifts for celebrities is because unlike most other companies, Silly Phillie® has the capabilities domestically to custom  make beautiful, high quality gifts that impress even the most discerning of new parents.

For the Lopez’s we took our Deluxe Welcome Wagon® baby gift and made it even more special by adding additional items for baby, including a Signature Forever Baby Book® Photo Album,  and personalizing two of the layette items with Dominic’s name. The result is a fabulous sports themed personalized baby boy gift.

All of us here at Silly Phillie ® are excited to help welcome little Dominic Lopez into the world. We wish him and his mommy and daddy,  Courtney & Mario Lopez, the best of health,happiness & high ratings too!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)


PS: please contact Diane or myself @ 877.347.5128 if you need an uncommon baby gift for a very special baby









are the latest celebrity new parents to receive a Silly Phillie® baby gift.

Best Baby Gift Message

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Yesterday I came across a gift card message that touched my heart. Among the many I see each day, this  particular gift message stood out for its warmth and creativity. It reads:


Kharyss is the baby you will carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart til the day you die. Enjoy your child as it grows inside you and I wish you a safe delivery.

love always S.D.” (gift givers name left out for privacy)

I don’t know about you, but reading this message gives me goose bumps.  It reinforces something I always felt as a designer of baby gifts.  The gift card message attached to a baby gift is every bit as important and memorable as the gift itself.  However beautiful and unique a baby gift is, it is just a good looking product without a heartfelt message expressing your joy and good wishes for baby and the new parents. 

With that I decided to add a new feature to this blog called “The Best Baby Gift Messages”.    As a baby gift company shipping scores of gifts each day, we have the opportunity to read lots of gift messages.  My staff and I will select the very best ones and publish them here on a regular basis.  They will be presented in a “Top Ten” format,  borrowing from David Letterman’s popular nightly feature.

At a minimum,  the messages will give babygiftcreations customers ideas on what to say in their gift cards.  But My hunch is that everyone will love reading them, especially if they are as moving and interesting as the one above.

Until next time…

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)






During the course of a day we ship out baby gifts to expectant and recent new parents.


It was added to a gift we were shipping to



I am a fascinated by the creativity and warmth that people display when writing the message to accompany their baby gift. Each day we ship scores of our baby gifts

Baby’s 1st Year…. a year to remember!

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Alessandra at 9 months

It’s been a year to remember with  Allie so far.   I’m truly blessed to be able to spend quality time with her,  including days when I take her to work with me.  Each new day brings another first or moment to treasure.  Just yesterday Richard and I took Allie to the playground and put her on a swing.  She’s nine months and a big  girl now so we’re able to swing her higher.  The higher Allie went the more she laughed with wide-eyed excitement.  The joy on her face is something we’ll never forget.

My precious time with Allie inspired the creation of yet another unique baby gift from Silly Phillie®.   It’s called  “A Year to Remember”.   This beautiful new baby gift includes 12 baby bibs,  each one featuring a different month in baby’s  first year,  and a keepsake Forever Baby Book Photo Album.   The idea is for parents to use the bibs as “props” to take a photo each month on baby’s birthday.  At the end of the year the parents will have 12 fantastic photos of their baby celebrating a birth month,  plus a fabulous album to display these and other photos from baby’s first year.  Now how’s that for a great baby gift idea!

A Year to Remember Keepsake Baby Gift

Wishing all our friends and family a  Happy Passover and Easter!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)

Ali is 6 months old!

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I can’t believe  Alessandra is already half way through her first year.  Wow, time is really flying by but I’m having so much fun with this child!  That’s Ali below celebrating her 6-month birthday this week wearing what else…a Silly Phillie® birthday bib, outfit, and headband.

Alessandra wearing a Silly Phillie birthday bib

Ali's 6-month birthday photo

6 month milestones

Alessandra is hitting all her 6-month milestones right on schedule.  She’s beginning to sit up by herself, she’s eating  solid foods and loving it, she’s growing quickly,  she communicates with laughter and making sounds (no words yet) and just earlier today I found that she is cutting her first tooth!

Update-Time for a Change™ Changing Pads

I mentioned in my last post that Ali inspired me to design a new line of animal character changing pads, called Time for a Change ™ .  The thought was that changing pads, however practical they may be,  lacked personality and could benefit from exciting new designs.  The response so far has been fantastic.  Everyone loves the way they look and is thrilled to hear that we make them in the USA.  Looks like Ali has a bright future in our  baby gift business!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)



Babies R Gifts Photo Contest coming soon!

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I am absolutely,  positively thrilled to announce beginning in January,  an exciting new monthly Baby Photo Contest will run on babygiftcreations.com.  The contest,  named  Babies R Gifts™  Photo Contest is a babygiftcreations.com exclusive,  and is designed to celebrate the gift that is each and every baby.

Babies up to 18 months of age are eligible to be entered into the contest free of cost with no purchase requirement.  To enter,  a parent or guardian must only submit a photo and a short tweet on “why my baby is a gift”.   All photos will be displayed in the contest photo gallery on our website,  and site visitors will be able to vote online for their favorite.   A beautiful Personalized Rocking Chair Gift Set prize will be awarded each month to the baby who receives the most votes,  provided a minimum number of votes is reached.

I am so excited about the Babies R Gifts™  Photo Contest because I get to personally see the photos and read the tweets on all those beautiful babies!

Phyllis (aka Silly Phillie)

Silly Phillie® in the “spotlight”!

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I’m soooo excited!  The Basket Whiz Report did a wonderful job profiling Silly Phillie® in it’s premier issue. The article tells the story of how my husband (what a handsome guy) and I started the company more than 25 years ago. It includes a photo of our first ever product, adorably modeled by a friend’s daughter and our beautiful son Jonathan (now 28 & married).  In fact, the photo of Richard and myself is at Jonathan’s wedding this past July. Here’s a link to The Basket Whiz Report profile, which appears on pages 34 & 35:


Hope you enjoy it!

Rabbit Diaper Cake Grand by Silly Phillie®

Okay, here’s a sneak preview of one of my new baby gift designs. It’s a bunny rabbit themed diaper cake, filled with essential layette items for the newborn baby girl. It comes with diapers, baby blanket, hooded towel, burp pad, washcloths, plush rabbit and more! Available soon on babygiftcreations.com. More to come, I promise! My head is bursting with ideas for new and exciting baby gifts. Sometimes I wonder if creativity is a gift or a curse that keeps my head spinning all the time…but it sure beats staying at home!

Until next time…

Phyllis….(Silly Phillie®)

Exciting new baby gifts added for the holidays!

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beautiful Gifts…for beautiful babies

I am proud to announce  that www.babygiftcreations.com has recently launched my latest collection of unique baby gifts. These original Silly Phillie® baby gifts range from large impressive gifts designed to wow the new parents to thoughtful smaller items. Regardless of price point, each lovely new gift showcases Silly Phillie’s signature creativity and quality, two traits that have made Silly Phillie® the leading baby gift brand  for more than 25 years.

Please follow link below to see the entire  press release:



Puppy Hooded Towel Baby Gift

Woof, Woof, Woof Baby Gift Set

 Baby's First Christmas keepsake gift

Santa Panta keepsake baby gift

To see all our exciting new gifts, please visit http://www.babygiftcreations.com/new-arrivals/.

I hope you like my latest new babies!

Silly Phillie (Phyllis)

New…Create Your Own™ Baby Gift!

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Giving a baby gift is a personal choice and there is no more personal baby gift to give than one of our new Create Your Own™  baby gifts in the stunning and exclusive rocking horse gift box. For the ultimate personalized baby gift choose either  Initially Yours (http://www.babygiftcreations.com/personalized-baby-gifts/initially-yours-layette-gift-set-girl/) or Name & Motif (http://www.babygiftcreations.com/create-your-own-gift-new/name-motif-layette-boy/) selections. Both of these allow many personalization choices so each gift is truly an expression of your joy and taste!

Another beautiful option is to pick one of our Signature Rocking Horse appliqué layette groups in either baby boy, baby girl, or in a baby shower neutral color  http://www.babygiftcreations.com/index.php?p=catalog&parent=30&pg=1).

Each of these wonderful baby gifts is custom made to order  in the USA by Silly Phillie ®, include premium quality layette  essentials  for baby, and is beautifully packaged in our Wow inspiring rocking horse gift box. Create Your Own™  baby gift can only be found at http://www.babygiftcreations.com/index.php. We hope you enjoy the many creative options this brings to selecting the perfect baby gift!

The Story of Joseph and Mary

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