The 10 best baby gifts to welcome the new arrival

May 20, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Baby Gifts, Baby Names, Baby Shower, Layette Needs

A baby shower show stopper!

After designing scores of best selling baby gifts over the last 25 years, I have a unique perspective on what makes a great baby gift. Here in our very first baby babble blog post I’ll  share my top ten baby gift ideas:

  1. Must have layette items. As a mother of two, I personally appreciated gifts that included quality, 100% cotton layette items. Our Moses Basket Deluxe is a perfect example of a wonderful layette gift combined with a comfy basket that provides a safe place for the newborn. (
  2. Personalized baby gifts. I absolutely love to personalize gifts because adding the baby’s name makes the gift so special. I find that parents really get excited seeing their baby’s name on a gift…it’s like  icing on the cake!   A favorite gift of mine is any one of our personalized Rocking Horse Gifts (
  3. A show stopper shower gift. Nothing is more exciting than walking into a baby shower with a gift that everyone flips over, especially the mom-to-be.  If you want to “wow” them at your next shower, consider our Baby Shower Deluxe (
  4. A gift that grows with baby. Babies grow quickly so a gift that includes a variety of sizes is  especially thoughtful.  Baby’s First Year gift set, which includes a layette item for each of the first 12 months, is one gift that is both unique and practical.
  5. A baby blanket. Every baby has a favorite blanket so gifting a baby blanket is an excellent choice.  My blanket of choice is one of our adorable, soft and cuddly Blankie Buddies

    My favorite Baby Blankets


  6. A gift for the baby on the go. New parents today need the right stuff  to help transport baby as part of their active lifestyles.  Strollers, car seats, baby carriers, and even joggers make wonderful baby gifts.  Make sure you choose products with the most up to date safety features and ones that have the highest ratings from independent sources.
  7. Keepsake toys. Nothing is remembered more fondly than a favorite toy. Rocking horses, plush animals and wagons all are great gift ideas. Combine essential layette items with one of these and you have a wonderful baby gift like our Deluxe Welcome Wagons (
  8. Something to capture baby’s precious moments. In the blink of an eye a baby becomes a toddler and those precious “firsts” become a memory.  That’s why I like gifts that help new parents capture those memories like a video camera (my personal favorite is the Flip), digital  cameras, photo albums, and scrapbooks.  In fact, I designed a whole group of adorable gifts around our exclusive Forever Baby Book
  9. Something from mom’s gift registry. Selecting your gift from the parents baby gift registry is always a prudent choice. There are many fine baby gift registries today, including ours
  10. Gift certificates. A gift certificate is also a good alternative. Parents appreciate them because they get to choose exactly what they need. I always suggest adding something small like a cute plush animal to make the gift a little more personal. Our baby bucks gift certificates are available in any denomination and they never expire.

Send me your favorite baby gift ideas by commenting to this post.

Until next time…Phyllis (Silly Phillie)