We’re having a baby!

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Kristina's sonogram at 5 months

Several months ago my husband and I received the best gift ever …after our two beautiful sons of course.  It was this little box with a ribbon on top.   Jonathan & Kristina said that it was just a little something. Well, that  “JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING”  turned out to be a sonogram photo showing the beginnings of our first grandchild!!

Kristina looking good!

Here’s a photo of Kristina at five months.  She’s doing great, looking fabulous, and getting bigger. We don’t know what we’re having yet because we all love surprises. More exciting news to come….

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)

The Babies R Gifts Photo Contest™ winner for January is…..

February 02, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Baby Photo Contest

With much delight I am pleased to announce that Riley Brooke has won the first ever Babies R Gifts™ Photo Contest . This adorable and precocious baby girl received a total of 285 votes during the month of  January 2012. Riley’s mother tweeted about Riley: “As the first baby on both sides of the family, Riley Brooke is one spoiled baby. Known as the beef chief (self explanatory), she brings nothing but fun, laughter, and chaos to our lives!”

A photo of Riley Brooke and the Personalized Rocking Chair prize she won is below.

Just a reminder that February’s Babies R Gifts™ Photo Contest just began.  This would be a great time for you to spread the word about this exciting photo contest to everyone you know with a new baby. Who knows, maybe someone close to you will win a personalized rocking chair baby gift and I’ll be writing about them next month!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)