Silly Phillie® has qualified for a Chase Bank Grant of $250,000

October 31, 2013 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Sibling Gifts, Small Business

I am pleased to announce that Silly Phillie® recently became qualified to receive a Mission Main Street Grant from Chase Bank.  Our company is among many seeking to receive one of twelve $250,000 grants which Chase will be giving to deserving small companies with good growth prospects in January. Program details can be found at:

To qualify, Silly Phillie ® completed a questionnaire, submitted a business profile, and successfully obtained  the required 250 votes online to demonstrate the company’s reach and resourcefulness. Additional votes although not required would reflect well in the eyes of the judges who ultimately will  choose the twelve winners. Please cast your vote for Silly Phillie ® at:

Thank you for your support!


Phyllis (Silly Phillie ®)



. The funds must be used . To qualify, a company us required to fill out a questionnaire, submit a business profile, and obtain 250 votes online.