Unique baby gifts to make your mouth water!

June 10, 2010 :: Posted by - Silly Phillie :: Category - Baby Gifts, Baby nutrition, Baby Shower

Unique baby gifts to make your mouth water!

What started as a spoof baby shower centerpiece became a recipe for a line of food inspired baby gifts. It all began with our original “Baby Hoagie”http://www.babygiftcreations.com/unique-baby-gifts/baby-hoagie/, which I created for my niece who is a gourmet food snob and her husband,  a fast food junkie. The reaction from the ladies at the shower and the immediate retail selling success of the Baby Hoagie, gave birth to more unique food inspired baby gifts just as Laine gave birth to Hannah.

Today we have a full menu of delicious baby gifts, including Sweet Baby Cakeshttp://www.babygiftcreations.com/unique-baby-gifts/sweet-baby-cakes/Nice Cream Babyhttp://www.babygiftcreations.com/personalized-baby-gifts/nice-cream-girl-personalized/,Special Delivery Pizza http://www.babygiftcreations.com/unique-baby-gifts/special delivery/Twins Double Whopper http://www.babygiftcreations.com/gifts-for-twins/twins-double-whooper/and many more!

Bon Appetite!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie)

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