Welcoming the Baby with a Party and Baby Gifts

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Baby showers are always a tradition for upcoming moms to celebrate their anticipation for their newborns. It is one way to get some blessings from friends and relatives. Baby gifts are always one of the highlight of the party and should be decided for a long time. Read more…

Eva Longoria Hosts Victoria Beckham’s Shower Party – What’s the theme for the baby gifts?

May 24, 2011 :: Posted by - The Baby Gift Expert :: Category - Baby Gifts

The famous Posh Victoria Beckham is gorgeously pregnant and is anticipating for the first baby girl in the family. Victoria’s BFF, Eva Longoria, is excited as well as she is hosting the shower party for her friend’s anticipated baby girl. Read more…

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak throws Extravagant Baby Shower

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Star Kim Zolciak and her boyfriend Kroy Biermann threw a baby shower with 110 people giving them baby gifts last week in celebrating their yet unborn child. Zolciak is seven months pregnant and is expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend. Read more…

Derek’s Sister Receives Baby Gifts from Cheryl Cole

May 24, 2011 :: Posted by - The Baby Gift Expert :: Category - Baby Gifts

When we hear a close friend is pregnant and expecting a new addition of the family, baby gifts are always the first thing we think of buying. For Cheryl Cole, her passion towards making her rumored boyfriend’s family happy is something that she is devoted to do. Read more…

Fresh out of the oven…exciting new diaper cakes!

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I’ve been really busy this past month whipping up several sweet new diaper cake baby gifts as I watched my cousin, Corina Testa Elgart compete on the Cake Boss TV show for top baker awards. More about Corina and the show later.

Inspired by all the great baking and competition on the show,  four of my tastiest diaper cakes have just  come out of  the Silly Phillie® oven. They are Ricki Rabbit, Friendly Frog, Puppy Pal, and Lion King (see photo below). Each has the trademark Silly Phillie® originality and quality,  all are available in both 3 and 4 tier versions, and personalized versions of each are available too! What could be sweeter? All of these new diaper cakes are available now and can be found in the New Arrivals section at www.babygiftcreations.com.

Lion King Deluxe Diaper Cake -Personalized

Now more about Corina. She was absolutely fabulous on the Cake Boss show, clearly the best personality by far. Although she fell just short of winning it all, she won legends of fans and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if this talented young baker will  have a show of her own one day. Congratulations to  Corina for a job while done! Check out Corina’s cake designs for yourself http://www.facebook.com/pages/Corina-Elgart-Fan-Page-Official/119628288098941.

That’s it for now folks. Don’t forget to drop a line letting us know what you think of our new diaper cakes.

Phyllis…(Silly Phillie®)

Silly Phillie® in the “spotlight”!

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I’m soooo excited!  The Basket Whiz Report did a wonderful job profiling Silly Phillie® in it’s premier issue. The article tells the story of how my husband (what a handsome guy) and I started the company more than 25 years ago. It includes a photo of our first ever product, adorably modeled by a friend’s daughter and our beautiful son Jonathan (now 28 & married).  In fact, the photo of Richard and myself is at Jonathan’s wedding this past July. Here’s a link to The Basket Whiz Report profile, which appears on pages 34 & 35:


Hope you enjoy it!

Rabbit Diaper Cake Grand by Silly Phillie®

Okay, here’s a sneak preview of one of my new baby gift designs. It’s a bunny rabbit themed diaper cake, filled with essential layette items for the newborn baby girl. It comes with diapers, baby blanket, hooded towel, burp pad, washcloths, plush rabbit and more! Available soon on babygiftcreations.com. More to come, I promise! My head is bursting with ideas for new and exciting baby gifts. Sometimes I wonder if creativity is a gift or a curse that keeps my head spinning all the time…but it sure beats staying at home!

Until next time…

Phyllis….(Silly Phillie®)

Exciting new baby gifts added for the holidays!

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beautiful Gifts…for beautiful babies

I am proud to announce  that www.babygiftcreations.com has recently launched my latest collection of unique baby gifts. These original Silly Phillie® baby gifts range from large impressive gifts designed to wow the new parents to thoughtful smaller items. Regardless of price point, each lovely new gift showcases Silly Phillie’s signature creativity and quality, two traits that have made Silly Phillie® the leading baby gift brand  for more than 25 years.

Please follow link below to see the entire  press release:



Puppy Hooded Towel Baby Gift

Woof, Woof, Woof Baby Gift Set

 Baby's First Christmas keepsake gift

Santa Panta keepsake baby gift

To see all our exciting new gifts, please visit http://www.babygiftcreations.com/new-arrivals/.

I hope you like my latest new babies!

Silly Phillie (Phyllis)

New…Create Your Own™ Baby Gift!

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Giving a baby gift is a personal choice and there is no more personal baby gift to give than one of our new Create Your Own™  baby gifts in the stunning and exclusive rocking horse gift box. For the ultimate personalized baby gift choose either  Initially Yours (http://www.babygiftcreations.com/personalized-baby-gifts/initially-yours-layette-gift-set-girl/) or Name & Motif (http://www.babygiftcreations.com/create-your-own-gift-new/name-motif-layette-boy/) selections. Both of these allow many personalization choices so each gift is truly an expression of your joy and taste!

Another beautiful option is to pick one of our Signature Rocking Horse appliqué layette groups in either baby boy, baby girl, or in a baby shower neutral color  http://www.babygiftcreations.com/index.php?p=catalog&parent=30&pg=1).

Each of these wonderful baby gifts is custom made to order  in the USA by Silly Phillie ®, include premium quality layette  essentials  for baby, and is beautifully packaged in our Wow inspiring rocking horse gift box. Create Your Own™  baby gift can only be found at http://www.babygiftcreations.com/index.php. We hope you enjoy the many creative options this brings to selecting the perfect baby gift!

New! Snail & Caterpillar Plush Rocker gift sets

August 18, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Baby First’s, Baby Gifts

Want your next baby gift to make a lasting impression? Consider our adorable new plush animal rocker gift sets. The snail http://www.babygiftcreations.com/rocking-horse-gifts/snail-plush-rocker-gift-set/ is designed for boys and the caterpillar http://www.babygiftcreations.com/rocking-horse-gifts/caterpillar-plush-rocker-gift-set/ for girls. Each comes with a useful wall hanging growth chart to record baby’s growth and a set of rubber duckies for bath time fun. But the key to this gift is the beautiful plush & hard wood rocker that is sure to become baby’s favorite toy for many, many years to come.

Phyllis (Silly Phillie)

Introducing The Baby Shower Clothesline baby gift

June 24, 2010 :: Posted by - Silly Phillie :: Category - Baby Gifts, Baby Shower, Layette Needs

Want to wow them at your next baby shower or surprise the new parents with a unique baby gift? Then check out the new Baby Shower Clothesline gifts at www.babygiftcreations.com. The inspiration for this  exciting new product came from seeing home made clothesline gifts given at baby showers (bridal showers, too). Without exception these made a big impression on everyone.

My goal in designing a product for retail was to capture the home made qualities of a clothesline baby gift while making it easy to give as a gift or hang at a baby shower.  We accomplished all of this by attaching a beautiful, coordinated ensemble of layette items to sturdy ribbon via clothes pins and packaging the entire assembled clothesline in a gift box. http://www.babygiftcreations.com/baby-shower-gifts/baby-shower-clothesline-girl/

The Baby Shower Clothesline is available in a baby girl… http://www.babygiftcreations.com/baby-shower-gifts/baby-shower-clothesline-girl/ baby boy…http://www.babygiftcreations.com/baby-shower-gifts/baby-shower-clothesline-boy/ ,  and neutral… http://www.babygiftcreations.com/baby-shower-gifts/baby-shower-clothesline-neutral/

And if you are planning a twins baby shower, what could be better than matching Baby Shower Clothesline gifts? I hope you love these  unique baby gifts as much as I do!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie)